About us

It's a great to having a opportunity to introduce ourself to Dear our Customer,

SAYURIJAPAN Ltd. offers Overseas fastball service to international countries.

Our IDEA 'Offering qualified Japanese goods to international countries, to innovate daily life for All'. To reach our agenda, We can guarantee you that every member of SAYURIJAPAN Ltd., will do our best.

We have been in Overseas fastball business since 1997 from California. Recently, our parents company JKSuppliment M&A with SAYURIJAPAN Ltd., to expand our market shares,
From this M&A, We expanded our business fundamental
in HONG KONG with diversity of goods.

Furthermore, If there is any questions about us, Please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for using our service.

      - By CEO of SAYURIJAPAN Ltd.