MediQtto 수면 라벤더 M (MediQtto 수면 라벤더 M)

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크기: M
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제품 무게 화 화 95 g
포장 크기 3.7 x 18.1 x 10.2 cm
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Deception 일, 일일


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크기: M

1. If you have a severe blood circulation disorder 은 use 하지 않아. 
2. The next one is a pre-wear doctor 에 monitor Consultation 하십 시 오 Diabetes, deep thromboembolism, blood circulation disorder, depression thrombotic heart failure, inflammatory disease, wearing Those Are Receiving Medical Who Treatment Due To Neuropathy Of The Site Etc. 
3 · Please Wear The Following When Wearing: 
. (1) Do Not Wear Something That Does Not Fit Size Or Overlap Two Sheets 
(3) Please  Stretch The Dough So The Fabric Does That Not Get Rounded Out Under The Shoulder
4. Do Not  Worry About It However, If You Feel
Uncomfortable Feeling, Soreness, rash, etc. abnormality use immediately Ë stop discontinue 주해서.  나사로 낀 상태 에서 의 use 이지 보관 을 하지 마십시오. please. 
※ If you are pregnant, the doctor to wear before Mel We recommend that you consult. 
* If you accompanied by complications during pregnancy, please be conscious a doctor before wearing. 
* pregnancy, a specialist immediately if you feel the wear of this product abnormal it is 

a pressure sock that lightens the legs with tightness only with a shoulder 
it effective tightens with a low pressure value suitable for sleeping and clears the legs of the next morning. It is a 
long type, I care carefully. The 
ankle is a flat design tailored to the posture that I am sleeping. 
to to to , and then dissipate heat in the rest  .
Ttohan Myeon Sojae Ui Saeloun Sojae Lo Ablyeog Eul Geudaelo Jeog-yong Hayeo Budeuleoun Jilgam Eul Silhyeon Haessseubnida . 
-. Chag-Yong Hagi Banji Deung Eul Jeon-E Jegeo Hasibsio, Saji Ui Mos Eul Maekkeuleobge Hasibsio 
. · Sontob Eul Se-Uji Anhgeona Hanbeon Ollimyeon Andoenda 
· Jiji Ga Iss-Eumeulo Cheoncheonhi Josim Seuleobge Dang-Gyeo La.

  • 원산지: ∴ RA
  • 내용량: 1 쌍
  • 제품 크기 (폭 X 깊이 X 높이): 패키지 크기: 100 mm × 33 mm × 180 mm
  • 의 복 크기 (해당 사이즈): M 사이즈: 신장 150-160 cm, 허벅지 43 - 49 cm, 송아지 30 - 38 cm, 좋목 19 - 23 cm, 발 22 - 24 cm
  • 재질: 나일론, 폴리 우레탄, 큐 프라